Building Value for Partners Through

Innovative Technologies

Building Value for Partners Through

Innovative Technologies

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About Vicplas International Ltd.

Founded in 1993, Vicplas International Ltd. is a holding company headquartered in Singapore and listed on the SGX mainboard. Through our wholly-owned subsidiaries, we serve a global customer base in two core business segments — medical devices and uPVC piping systems.


Business Segments

forefront medical research

Forefront Medical

Forefront Medical is a leading global medical device manufacturer committed to supporting our customers and their patients with high quality, innovative and cost-effective solutions.
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Vicplas Pipes

Vicplas Pipes is a market leader in the plastic pipes manufacturing industry. Our uPVC piping systems are found in a majority of Singaporean homes and have wide-ranging applications across the commercial, institutional, industrial and civil engineering sectors.
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Vicplas Around the World

From our headquarters in Singapore, we continue to grow our footprint strategically to better serve our customers, partners and the markets we operate in.


Our Commitment to Investors

Taking a long-term view of success, we invest in continuous innovation to create value and achieve sustainable returns for our shareholders.

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