Impact through Innovation

Our subsidiaries operate in two distinct business segments: Forefront Medical supports the world’s healthcare needs through innovative and cost-effective medical device manufacturing while Vicplas Pipes introduces sustainability into plastics manufacturing through green research and development.

Forefront Medical

A Medical Contract Manufacturing Expert, Trusted Globally

Forefront Medical specialises in the development and manufacture of high-quality and cost-effective medical devices. With our innovative solutions, strong technical expertise, and commitment to quality, we continue to earn the trust of a growing customer base worldwide.

As part of our quality guarantee, all Forefront Medical products and services are ISO13485 (TUV), US FDA, CE Mark and China FDA certified.

At Forefront Medical, we have a passion for creating solutions that drive the healthcare industry forward.

Design and Development

Rapid Prototyping

Plastic and LSR Tooling



Production and Assembly

Secondary Processes


Electro-mechanical Technology

The Forefront Medical Vision

To improve profitability by delivering great solutions for our medical technology clients and building sustainable value for all our stakeholders.


Vicplas Pipes

A Plastic Pipes Manufacturing Leader with a Sustainability Agenda

Vicplas Pipes is best known for our uPVC piping systems, which are found in a vast majority of residential homes in Singapore. Our plumbing and electrical systems are also used in many commercial, institutional, industrial and civil engineering projects.

Our market leadership is built on the quality and reliability of our products. We are proud to take the industry lead in going heavy-metal free for all our plastics products. Vicplas Pipes has also received a Green Check Mark from the Singapore Green Building Council in recognition of our sustainability efforts.

Product Design

Processing Techniques

Tool Fabrication

Materials Know-how

vicplas pipes

The Vicplas Pipes Vision

To create a customer-centric company, focusing on delivering quality products that are innovative, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable.